What you should not do in South America?

What you should not do in South America?

People who travel to South America from Australia, have a great set of opportunities that they can do while on their way to South America or when they are there to explore. South America tours, provides a full package of a wide range of activities that people can enjoy while they are in this tremendous region. While you are on South America travel, you may want to know what things would be the best to do while you have reached there. But very few people think what they should avoid doing, while in the region or that will be harmful to you and others as well.

So, here are a few suggestions for you to keep in mind and make sure to follow them when you are on your way to explore the Sothern region.

Never try to take heavy things with you, like heavy stoves or huge bags. As, it will pose too much burden on you to carry them. You should keep your backpack short and light in weight.

Never carry heavy or bulky clothes in your bag. As you have to pack warm yet lightweight clothes so that you don't have to care a lot about carrying heavy bags.

Don't wear jewelry while you are trekking or hiking. You should stay simple and carry no accessories or expensive items with you.

Never walk alone if you are not familiar with the routes and paths where you are walking in a forest area.

Don't try to mess with any jungle animal.

Never walk along, rather, stay with your guide or group along whom you have travelled.

All these points are necessary to follow and will definitely help you stay safe during your South American tours. Things become a little bit different when you got for Arctic cruises or Antarctica travel. So, you should prepare yourself separately for that travel if you have a plan to go there after that.

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